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    Located near the Verizon Center, City Tap House® is available for customized private events of all kinds! Whether it's a cocktail party, after work or late night happy hour, or full service dining function, City Tap House® is the perfect place to host a memorable event in downtown Washington DC! For party package information, please contact our Events Team at

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    • Our “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” brunch goes down at 11am! ⠀
🥣 Sugary cereals with booze-infused milk⠀
🎶 ‘90s jams⠀
🎲 Skip-It & cornhole⠀
🍺 @brooklynbrewery’s ’s Bel-Air sour ⠀
🍕 Philly cheesesteak pizza⠀
👚 Scrunchies, tie-dye and pegged-legs highly encouraged ⠀      
    • Things are looking up on this fine Saturday.⠀      
    • #FBF: Our brand director, @itsandyboy, shooting bourbon from bone marrow! ⠀      
    • Time to start planning for the weekend, and our “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” brunch is where you need to be Sunday at 11am. ⠀
✓ Do “The Carlton” while we pump-pump the ‘90s jams⠀
✓ Get tipsy on throwback cereals in boozy milk⠀
✓ Eat Philly cheesesteak pizzas while listening to “Motown Philly”⠀
✓ Sip Brooklyn Brewery’s Bel-Air stout ⠀
✓ Reach new levels of greatness on Skip-Its ⠀
Link in bio with full details. ⠀      
    • Wine > Whine ⠀      
    • New nachos, who dis??⠀
(Pulled Pork Nachos with witbier cheese sauce, stout BBQ sauce, green onions, red onions & cherry pepper relish.)⠀      
    • Heroes in a half-shell.⠀
Channeling our inner ‘90s today as we prep for our “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” brunch on Sunday! (Link in bio.) ⠀      
    • In one week, peg those legs, tie those scrunchies and rock your very best tie-dye because we’re taking it back to the ‘90s with our Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Brunch! ⠀
🔊 ‘90s beats⠀
🍕 Philly cheesesteak pizzas⠀
🥣 Sugary cereal drenched in boozy milk (in plastic bowls with straws, of course)⠀
🍺 @brooklynbrewery's Bel Air Stout on draft⠀
🎲 Skip-It & cornhole ⠀
(Link in bio.)⠀      
    • At our house, Saturday night is steak night.⠀
Our CTH Steakhouse grills up our chef’s choice of the finest cuts of prime beef each week. ⠀      
    • Day 1 of @otakonpics at the @mhmarquiswdc! We can’t wait to see our favorite anime characters in the house. ⠀      
    • Return of the mac! ⠀      
    • Have your cake, and eat theirs too.⠀      
    • When life hands you lemons, break out the tequila & salt.⠀      
    • The “Monday Diet” coming in hot. (Tomorrow? Off the wagon.) ⠀      
    • Brunch harder than ever before. ⠀      
    • We may be a day late, but today at our house… It’s National Watermelon Day.⠀
🍉 Watermelon-flavored drafts⠀
🍉 Watermelon sangria in watermelon “kegs”⠀
🍉 Watermelon-eating contest at 5pm ⠀      
    • It may be National Watermelon Day but we’re being fashionably late to the party.⠀
Tomorrow, sip on watermelon-flavored drafts, watermelon sangria from a watermelon keg, and impress us at our 5pm watermelon-eating contest! (Link in bio.) ⠀      
    • Thirsty Thursday moonlighting as National IPA Day. Cheers! ⠀      
    • Wednesday (ˈwenzdeɪ, noun) – still not Friday⠀
More whiskey, please. ⠀      
    • PIZZA VOTE: Prosciutto & fig, or honey & goat cheese? ⠀      
    • Hands up if carbs are your soulmate ✋⠀
(Our new Bucatini & Clams with parsley, lemon, bacon, parmesan & chili flakes.) ⠀      
    • Sadly, Shark Week comes to a close tonight. Even sadder? It’s the last time you can get your hands on our “Blood in the Water” cocktail special, complete with a gummy shark. ⠀
But, tonight you can get one last fix at our Jaws viewing party! We'll have buckets of @gansettbeer and complimentary shark-cuterie platters. (Link in bio.)⠀      
    • It’s the final day of the U-Maryland/Baltimore Training Institutes conference at the @mhmarquiswdc and the start of the American Association of Physics Teachers conference at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. ⠀
Everyone needs brainfood and seafood is just that. ⠀      
    • CTH: Making you believe you can’t live without veggie burgers since 2010.      
    • How’s your view?⠀